Flex Series LED

Flex Pro Series, Fine Pitch Flexible LED screen, is ideal for:

  • Broadcast Studios
  • Museums
  • Retail
  • Theaters
  • Corporate or Event Venues

With the Flex Pro you can create an extraordinary design that wows audiences at the most creative locations. Flex Pro Flexible LED screen is bendable,ultra-slim, ultra high resolution display.

To experience True HD even Ultra HD video quality and create fantastic imaging landscape via seamless convex and concave display . Available in Pixel Pitch 1.6mm, 1.9mm, and 2.5mm.

Pro Flex LED Corner Swirl
Natural Curve Flex Pro
Natural Curve - 2-5 degree curve by flat panel


Flex Pro LED Assembly
The slim and lightweight magnetic module can stick to customized frame and fit to any construction design.It needs very little space for wire and mounting.

Ultra High – Resolution

Module size: 400mm x 300mm

Flex Pro LED Displays HD

Resolution is often the key factor in most of LED installations,which will decide how much information you will display. The Flex Pro is the highest resolution flexible LED display in the market.

Flex Pro utilizes the ideal module size (400mm x 300mm), allowing for both 16:9 and 4:3 video ratios.


Stable & Reliable Connections

Flex Pro Ribbon Connectors

Customized ribbon cable transmit both power and data to module via quality cables and connectors guarantee safe and reliable connections between each module.

Independent Power Management


Flex Pro Accsories
Accessory 2
Accessory 3
Accessory 4
Accessory 5
Product NameFlex Pro 1.2Flex Pro 1.6Flex Pro 1.9Flex Pro 2.5
Pixel Pitch1.2mm1.667mm1.923mm2.500mm
Resolution Pixels320×240240×180208×156160×120
Density640000 pixels/m2360,000 pixels/m2270,400 pixels/m2160,000 pixels/m2
Panel Size400x300x10mm  | 15.7×11.8×0.3 inch
Panel Weight2.8kg | 6.174 lbs
Brightness500-800 nits
Average Power Consumption250W/m2
MAX Power Consumption625W/m2
Color Temperature3200-9300K
Working Voltage100-240 Volts AC, 50&60 Hz.
Refresh RateIP43 Indoor
LED Lifetime>100,000 Hrs
Refresh Rate>1,920 Hz

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