What is COB?

COB means “Chip on Board”. It’s a new encapsulation technology which is different from traditional product LED. COB inherits advantage of LED, such as long life span, high brightness, wide viewing angle; but also with super high contrast 10000:1, anti-glare, seamless splitting and splicing on different kinds of occasions.  Compared with LCD, OLED and other types of displays, COB Display has unbeatable air tightness, which ensures zero failure of weak soldering. The superb features of waterproof, dust-proof, touch proof, anti-static and anti-collision gives it full protection in various uses.

COB is the perfect choice of interactive super fine pitch display with its excellent reliability,  creative alternations of installation, outstanding visual performance, zero after-service as well as ROI.

This series of COB Ultra Stretch Signage is specially tailor made for smart shelf displays.

Product Features

  • Ultra High Definition Resolution.
  • Extra Wide Screen.
  • Multiple Images.
  • Multiple Content Creation.
  • Simple Connections and Installation
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Anti-Collision
  • Anti-Static.
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LED Shelve Dustproof
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